Whole Foods Bar

Who doesn’t love a field trip? At KOR we too like to go out on an occasional adventure to keep our creative juices flowing, check out the competition, and get a read on our customers. This last week we went to the brand new Whole Foods Market here in “Audi” Viejo. We had waited a while to go, since the first few weeks they had to have parking attendants to guide you in and out of the lot due to the sheer number of people coming in. Let’s just say it’s a “destination”.  When you walk in you are greeted by about 6 varieties of onions, 3 types of figs, and an entire arugula section! And that was just in the non-organic varieties!  What happens to all the fresh food that doesn’t sell? Does anyone out there know? The sheer excess gave me flash backs to my last few trips to Las Vegas! I just kept feeling like I was in the “high roller” version of the super grocery sections at Wal-Mart!  Do we really NEED three types of fill your own plastic bear honey (which by the way is super cute!) sitting beside at least 15 other brands/types of honey? Do they actually have a true demand for 20 brands of coconut water? And don’t even get me started with the bottled water aisle. Oh alright, get me started….how much carbon is Voss tossing into the atmosphere by shipping heavy, glass, stunning to look at containers full of water from Norway? My eyes began to glaze over my system was going into overload alert.

Then our dazed group headed over to the food bar for our lunch – one can build up quite an appetite trekking around a store of this magnitude. Here they had wood fired pizza’s cooking, fresh sushi being prepared, and a gourmet sandwich counter.  But then you see the “high limit” food buffet. At $7.99 a pound one can very quickly have an $18.65 lunch tab for just the food alone. Don’t get me wrong this food is really tasty but I do wonder if they don’t purposely prepare only foods with solid mass so that it costs quite a bit just to even have a tiny taster of eggplant lasagna, garlic mash potatoes, or tofu curry.  I think that this actually could be a good way to diet, you know– weighing everything before you eat it. Somehow a lunch just doesn’t sound that great when they put that thin paper container on the scale and announce that it weighs 2.64 pounds! Over the lips and onto the hips keeps hissing through my mind like a broken record.

Believe me, I am impressed, I think Whole Foods is an amazing store. Did I forget to mention??? – there is a bar with beer and wine and patio seating with couches and fire pits (are we still in a “grocery store” here??). Seems like the only thing missing from this “on the strip” extravaganza is a masseuse – oh, wait–I didn’t even make it to the whole body section, that is probably where they have the tables and hot towels set up!