Yes, it has been two nail biting weeks since I penned yet another over the top, super awesome blog post about the life of a regular family who is out there trying to live a bit more greener than our parents did. I think it must have been the turkey, or the stuffing or the corn casserole, or the mashed potatoes, or the corn bread, or the roasted veggies, or the blueberry apple pie, or the flour-less chocolate cake, or the pumpkin pie. Maybe it was the cranberry and vodka, the red wine, the tequila shot and the homebrew. Well, it all seems a bit like a fog now (after reading that list of drinks I am sure it was a fog then, too!) And that is when it started — the food coma. You know what I am talking about: the feeling of utter blissful contentment that is followed by an intense need to take a nap, followed shortly by bloating and an occasional bout of heartburn.

Thankful indeed we were for our over indulgence of food, drinks and laughter. This year was even more special as we had an 18-year-old exchange student through the Model United Nations program from the Czech Republic with us for Thanksgiving. He described his day to his teachers as, “The best day of my whole life.” Wow, that made me feel pretty good! He and my son went jet skiing out of Dana Point all morning, where Matej got to see up close and personal pods of dolphins (including a baby) and sea lions. He then sat down to his first meal of turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. He loved it all. It was no wonder: when we asked what they ate for their special occasion meals, he twisted his face up and said, “Carp.” Well alrighty then! No wonder he loved the turkey. And you can imagine my enthusiasm when the next day, he timidly asked if he could have a piece of the pumpkin pie for breakfast! “Hell yeah! That is what most Americans eat for breakfast the next day after Thanksgiving!” I responded.

The corn casserole recipe remained unaltered, the deep fried turkey was a big hit over the traditional roasted one. The “other pumpkin pie gal” was content to make flour-less chocolate cake this year and even she raved about my pumpkin pie complete with homemade whipping cream sweetened with maple syrup.

Needless to say, all this caloric extravaganza led to a nasty case of writer’s block. I have had two weekends of food-induced brain sludge blocking my ability to even think of something to write about. But I figured a recap of the festivities would bring me back and sure enough, it did. And you know what? My stupor has lifted and I am still thankful.