You may associate KOR with hydration, but hunger? Not really, unless you’re watching the hit movie, The Hunger Games. Once again, our team was taken by surprise and excitement as fans started telling us about a KOR Delta in a movie (we’re not new to finding these things out until a movie’s release, like for Iron Man 2).

The KOR Delta Hydration Vessel in Ice Blue can be seen briefly in Head Game Maker Seneca Crane’s futuristic control room scenes at the Panem government capitol, where game makers of 74th annual Hunger Games monitor and manipulate the competition. Atop the surface of the controls are various designed water bottles for the game makers. Hey, they’re working long hours to keep tabs on those Tributes — gotta stay hydrated!

You can also see the KOR Delta more closely in the interactive control room at (Internet Explorer 9 required for best viewing). If you zoom around, you can see multiple instances of the KOR Delta! How many did you spot?

The KOR Delta Hydration Vessel couldn’t have been a more perfect choice to be among the assortment of water bottles in The Hunger Games with its distinct angled handle and unique yet ergonomic shape, giving it a “futuristic” look.