Image courtesy of  busy.pochi via Flickr

One of the best things about building a company like KOR are the relationships we forge and the conversations we hold with others seeking to change the world. You don’t need to be Mother Teresa or Gandhi to make your dent on the world; small changes add up to bigger impacts.

This week, we were greeted with an inbound email from Mrs. Carter’s 11th grade science summer class who were engaged in a project that involved finding ways for the student’s families to “go-green” and help improve the environment. During their research project, they had discovered KOR and more specifically, our efforts at “giving back,” and asked if we might publish the curated list of other great resources they had discovered. Of course, we were flattered and thrilled to see so many high school students focused over their summer on how they could “be the change” they wanted to see. So, to pay it forward, please visit these great sites selected by Mrs. Carter’s class and take a moment to find out how you might help improve our environment.

Resources on Helping the Environment, from Mrs. Carter’s Science Class