Life Takes Water. (World Water Day 2011)

Though time may seem to inch slowly while you’re at work or in class, the world is really moving at a rapid pace — particularly, the urban population. Every second, the urban population grows by two people. It might not impact us immediately, but in the future, when we anticipate that nearly 60% of the world’s population will live in cities, we’ll experience serious problems if we don’t take action now. World Water Day acknowledges these issues, but it is up to us to continue working on solutions in the days, months and years to follow.

What is International World Water Day? According to the United Nations, it’s a day held every year on March 22 to enable global focus on “the importance of water and advocating for the sustainable management of our water resources.” We’d like to take the opportunity to acknowledge these challenges and help bring awareness to you, our fellow water advocates, in addition to the efforts we’re making through our Thirst for Giving™ program.

This year’s theme of “Water and Urbanization” is one in particular that KOR holds near and dear. We created Thirst for Giving™ to raise funding and awareness for water-related issues that deeply impact the future of our planet, and one of these causes is the global water crisis. Clean, safe water is vital for living, yet 1 out of 6 people lack access. We’re proud to partner with Blue Planet Network in order to establish and maintain hygienic water access for people living in rural areas around the world.

How can you help through KOR?

There are many, many ways you could act toward the global water crisis and countless other web pages about this topic, which you can find through a search engine. However, time is of the essence and we can’t spend all day reading facts. Let’s start doing. So here, we’ll focus on how you can help through KOR:

  • Simply purchase a KOR ONE or KOR Delta Hydration Vessel
    As a supporter of 1% for the Planet, KOR is committed to donating at least 1% of sales. If you purchase a KOR ONE Special Edition Hydration Vessel, we donate 5% of sales. Sure, that action alone may not eradicate the global water crisis, but your purchase helps support water-related causes all the while helping you maintain a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. We call this approach, “Better Me, Better World.”

  • Become a KOR Steward
    When you tell others about KOR, they can save 15% off their online purchase using your discount code, while you earn 15% of the sales, and 1% goes toward our water causes. Most importantly, there will be water consumers who choose not to drink from bottled water because of you. That’s a pretty good feeling.

Now, a Little Fun

To give your eyes a break from words, here are some simple and elegant water-related pieces in honor of World Water Day. As a designer, I love using interactive and visual communication to absorb ideas and information (please share your favorites, too!):

  • charitywater: water changes everything
    This simple slideshow expresses how water affects our everyday lives (by the way, KOR admires charitywater).

  • The Virtual Water Project
    Unfortunately, the Flash version of this cool poster is no longer up, but you should check out the iPhone app. This project aims to make people rethink their consumption habits.

  • What is Your Water Footprint?
    Chock-full of information from around the world, this data visualization piece offers a variety of factors to show how countries and foods fare against each other in terms of water usage.